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I am an information security specialist with over 12 years of experience, the last three of which I have served as Chief Information Security Officer at Funding Societies and Zai (formerly Assembly Payments).

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Hi, I'm Ishan Girdhar

What started as a quest to build a high school computer programming passion project turned into a full-time passion and a life-long career.
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Who am I writing for?

I am not writing it for you.
I am writing it for myself.
Specifically, I am writing for my past, present, and future self.

I am my audience.

I am the only one I have experience with.

I must understand myself before I can articulate this complex world.

I intend to use writing as a tool to reflect on and process the life I have on this planet.

Only through reflecting can I process my experiences, choices, ideas, decisions, dilemmas, epiphanies, and motivations.


If any of my writing or this body of work resonates with you or with anyone else who has had similar experiences as I have, or who may have had or will face the same dilemmas, epiphanies, or will have to make similar decisions as they navigate through life, then I will consider myself lucky and efforts behind this blog to be successful. 🎉

"For I am nothing,
but a
vessel through
ideas choose to manifest and express themselves."
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Finally, thank you for visiting.

I'm happy to share all of this with you, and I hope this creation inspires you to collect and organize your ideas, thoughts, epiphanies, and learnings in a similar way to give back to the community.

Please contact me on Twitter or directly via email to start a conversation.

Amor Fati,

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