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Hi, I'm Ishan

I am Ishan Girdhar, an information security specialist with over 12 years of experience, the last three of which I have served as Chief Information Security Officer at Funding Societies and Zai (formerly Assembly Payments).

What started as a quest to build a high school computer programming passion project turned into a full-time passion and a life-long career.

I hope you find something valuable here.

If you'd like to know me better,  I'd invite you to read about me.

What if consciousness is already expressing itself through us?
Expressing your ideas through writing is a very powerful concept. It coerces you to think effectively, research comprehensively and weave together a message that you would like to convey. As I was pondering what I’d like to write today. I was suddenly reminded about Srinivasa Ramanujan, a renowned…
Complete Guide to conducting Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
Table of Contents * Introduction * What is Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA)? * Why do we need to carry out DPIA? * What is the Purpose of DPIA? * What is PIA? * What’s the difference between PIA and DPIA? * When should DPIA be done? * What other benefits are there of carrying out DPIA?
How do you convince the engineering team to fix security issues?
One of my friends asked me this question last week. I thought of sharing it here for anyone else who may have the same question. There are two aspects to this: technical, and the other is the people/cultural aspect. They are a development team; it’s their job, and

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Finally, thank you for visiting.

I'm happy to shI'm all of this with you, and I hope this creation inspires you to collect and organize your ideas, thoughts, epiphanies, and learnings in a similar way to give back to the community.

Please contact me on Twitter or directly via email to start a conversation.

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