Ishan Girdhar


Ishan Girdhar's Active Projects
Table of Contents

Project 1: Collective Wisdom

Polished Summaries of my favorite books for my future self to refer to, read, and ponder upon.

Project 2: Cyber (Mis)Adventures

Lessons to learn from the latest Data Security Breaches as part of the monthly newsletter.

Project 3: Cyber, Seeded.

A curated list of startup fundings, mergers, and acquisitions in the information security space.

Lifecycle of Information in these Projects

  • Bookshelf > Notes & Highlights > Summaries
  • Youtube, Articles, Podcasts, and Tweets > Blog Articles
  • Articles + Summaries + Expensive Lessons + Security (ad)Ventures > Monthly Newsletter

Ishan Girdhar

I operate at the intersection of Information & Cyber Security, Privacy, Leadership, & Systems Thinking. 18+ hours of reading & analysis distilled into a 10-Minute Summary Bi-weekly.

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