Collective Wisdom

Collective Wisdom is a monthly newsletter where I collect/distill the best books I read into simple summaries for myself and others.
Collective Wisdom
Collective Wisdom

To begin with, I will start by picking one of the winners of Cyber Security Canon's Hall of Fame and eventually expand to include other books that were nominated and are part of this list.

What is Cybersecurity Canon  

Cybersecurity Canon is the brainchild of former Palo Alto Networks CISO Rick Howard and is curated by top information security leaders in the infosec community.

Cybersecurity Canon is the compilation of the best and the brightest security books that should be on our reading lists.

In 2020, when Howard left Palo Alto, Ohio State's new Institute of Cybersecurity and Digital Trust graciously accepted to continue facilitating this project for the greater good of humanity and for the infosec community.

Winner of Cybersecurity Hall of Fame

Cybersecurity Canon

A Resource for Security Professionals Comes to Higher Education


But, Why Summarize the Cannon?

I got the idea for this project a long time back when I was reading one of the David Perell Drip Email Campaigns Called 50 Days of Writing.

Day 32 - Summarize the Cannon That one email had blown my mind because that was advice I could actually use.

I had known about the Cyber Security Canon Project for a long time back (most likely when I was researching and working on my book).

I even read the reviews and bought some of those books that resonated with me, but I never got to ingest the information due to the lack of any system.

However, It wasn't until I read the Day 32 - Summarize the Cannon email, Lo, and Behold I had this amazing idea of why not take it as a professional challenge to start reading and summarizing Cyber Security Canon Books for myself and for anyone who might find it useful.

Why the name "Collective Wisdom"?

I tried looking for all sorts of names, but I just couldn't shake off the feeling that this whole project was possible because I would stand on the shoulder of giants.

Books to summarize, and even the idea to summarize, came to me through others.

It's wisdom, and it's collective.  Therefore, it seemed appropriate to name this project, Collective Wisdom.

The goal of this project is to extract all the interesting, useful, and key ideas from these books and bring them to one place for the greater Good.

I know, It's a huge commitment, but then again, I rather fail than not try at all.

Book Summaries (Complete Archive)

Threat Modelling Designing For Security by Adam Shostack
Anyone can learn to Threat Model. Threat Modelling is as fundamental as version control.Threat Modelling helps you look at the big picture. You can threat model almost anything from a piece of software to a business and all the way to a country’s economy.
“How to Read a Book” The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading by Mortimer J. Adler & Charles Van Doren - Book Summary
The idea for this article came to me as I was reading the original book on Summary “How to Read a Book: The Ultimate Guide” by Mortimer Adler provides readers with an insightful and systematic approach to effectively and thoroughly reading books. The key points of Adler’s guide are as

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