Ishan Girdhar

Cyber, (Mis)Adventures.


The objective of this project is to embrace uncertainty and discomfort. It's a call to adventure in a world scared of incidents and data breaches by articulating a  summary of data breaches that distills the key lessons to learn rather than just sharing headlines.


This project is a manifestation of my intellectual curiosity, which I believe is shared by many others. Although the issue at hand has been acknowledged by many, a solution remains elusive.

I recently came across an article in HBR that emphasized the importance of pursuing seemingly apparent ideas.

Often, innovation is stifled because the idea appears too simple.

We are convinced that someone else will develop the same idea, so why bother investing time and energy? As it turns out, obviousness is a fundamental aspect of the creative process.

Steve Jobs and Isaac Asimov both experienced this during their work.

I am fully aware that I am not anywhere even close to their contributions; the least I  could do is try.

The challenge, however, lies in finding a comprehensive database that contains confirmed data breaches in one place - a database that doesn't exist yet.

While there are public databases for exploits and threats, there isn't one for incidents from which we can all learn.

The only consistent approach I found was to follow the #DataBreach hashtag on Twitter and related news to identify recent data breaches.

If the challenges above continue to cause low quality, instead of focusing solely on the incidents themselves, another variation of my original idea pivoted towards disseminating incident response communications.

This entails examining how organizations respond to incidents and communicate with their users about the next steps rather than just looking at the incidents themselves.

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