Cyber, (Mis)adventures #1 April 2023 Edition

Cyber, (Mis)adventures #1 April 2023 Edition

Project 2: 🤯 Cyber, (Mis)adventures.

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If there is one thing you need to remember about April 2023, then it's

3CX Double Supply Chain Compromise

It's important because this double supply chain is the first ever to be seen.
The double supply chain compromise led to malware being pushed out to some 3CX customers.
  • The telephony company 3CX was recently compromised by North Korean state-sponsored hackers after a 3CX employee downloaded infected software from the website of Trading Technologies, a trading software company.
  • Trading Technologies was previously compromised by the same group, which embedded malware in one of its programs before posting it to its website, where it remained for nearly a year.
  • The daisy-chain nature of the breach makes it possible for attackers to conduct threaded supply-chain hacks that lead to a compromise of another software maker and their customers. Although Trading Technologies had discontinued the product in April 2020, the X_Trader software remained available for download when the 3CX employee downloaded and installed it on his personal computer, leading to the breach.

    Read this great article written by Zero Day Newsletter by Kim Zetter

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